Grass Free Gardens

Example 1 – Small square garden with raised beds and gently sloping paths for easy maintenance and good disabled access.

Example 2 – Diagonal paving and varied textures give spacious feel to a productive garden.

Example 3 – Semi circular raised borders alternate to create an interesting paved area to draw you down the garden.

Example 4 – Relaxing low maintenance garden with large exotic plants to create mystery and intrigue.

Example 5 – Raised area at end of small terraced garden becomes attractive seating area.

Example 6 – Separate garden spaces and height variations give a feeling of space in this small suburban garden.

Example 7 – Stone, timber and gravel tames this long narrow seaside garden with trellis panels to screen vegetable garden.

Example 8 – A long straight garden is visually widened using a diagonal pathway and raised beds.

Example 9 – A low maintenance garden with raised beds and a meandering stepped path provides an enjoyable space for a busy professional.

Example 10 – Small town ‘L’ shaped garden becomes cozy courtyard screened by trellis with attractive paving and plants.

Example 11 – Using diagonal lines, introducing height differences between paved areas and building raised beds visually enlarges this now low maintenance garden.

Example 12 – A secluded low maintenance garden with varying textures in hard landscaping that are softened by planting and with seating areas positioned to catch the sun at any time of the day.

Example 13 – A long narrow garden with plenty of paving and raised beds for the plant lover.

Example 14 – A small garden with a patio, raised beds and a mixture of textures to provide maximum interest.

Example 15 – A small contemporary garden making best use of the space with a hidden rubbish store and a modern water feature.

Example 16 – Large planters with a limited planting palette for maximum impact.

Example 17 – Making a tiny garden into an attractive low maintenance space by relaying the slabs on the diagonal and edging in brick and adding a small area of artificial turf. Large pots add greenery and flowers, while pale coloured gravel adds light and texture.

Example 18 – Low maintenance but attractive garden for a rented property, just needs the plants to complete the picture.