Front Gardens

Example 1 – Paving and planted gravel blends to create an attractive space that looks much more than just a car parking area.

Example 2 – Good access for cars and pedestrians without sacrificing attractive grass and planted areas.

Example 3 – Improved access for cars and pedestrians softened by discreet planting areas.

Example 4 – Elegant Victorian town house complemented by formal planting in various shades of green set against a curving black and terracotta tiled path.

Example 5 – Sloping front garden redesigned to be attractive and low maintenance with spacious parking and good vehicle and pedestrian access.

Example 6 – Large corner front garden with low maintenance decorative planted areas and ample parking.

Example 7 – Formally designed low maintenance front garden to complement attractive Victorian house.

Example 8 – Large square garden softened by circular artificial grass lawn backed by curved wall. Large planting borders, some with gravel and pebbles for added texture.

Example 9 – Bland front garden becomes attractive and functional space.

Example 10 – Attractive planting and cobbled pathways making a pretty front garden.

Example 11 – Lovely stone wall and raised beds to enhance a graveled front garden.

Example 12 – Curvy shapes with paving, gravel and lawn help to soften this large front garden.

Example 13 – Attractive and low maintenance with artificial grass.

Example 14 – Lovely curved steps leading to the front door with access from the pavement and driveway.

Example 15 – A formal design with a strong colour scheme to set off a pretty terraced house.

Example 16 – Formal cobbled path surrounded by textured gravel and planting.

Example 17 – Setting off the property with a lovely walled paved area that softens the front of the house and divides it from the large driveway.

Example 18 – Making a grand entrance with manageable steps.